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Updates on Management by Chia

Warning. This will be the most boring post you’ve read on Management by Chia perhaps ever. Some of you might have noticed a new ”button” here on my blog:  Follow me on bloglovin’. For those of you not yet familiar with bloglovin’, it’s a simple and aesthetically nice blog reader. Like a Facebook feed but […]

Shitty Shitty Poop Poop

Okay, Monday. You win. Although I don’t think showing up dressed as Thursday is fair play. The day started well enough. Since almost everyone from the department were either on conferences abroad or attending a seminar out of town, it was only me and the assistant at work. Inspired by the calm corridor I managed […]

Birthday vs. Monday

It was a battle of giants. Monday won the first round when the alarm sounded. I don’t think one should have to work when enjoying one’s birthday. But then my mother called and sang for me so that made it 1-1. When arriving at work, I found a bottle of bubbly from my boss – […]

Just another manic Monday

The spam comments never seize to amaze me. Fortunately WP stops them quite efficiently from ever getting published, but as “normal” comments sometimes get caught up in the spam filter, I do check it regularly. Usually the spam generated is somewhat suited for the post it is targeting (you wouldn’t believe the amount of versions […]

the value of Doing Nothing

as i see it, i have three options for the rest of the day. make this into the worst complaining blog post i’ve ever written (which will in fact make the feeling of meh even worse) put my best bullshit-face on, and pretend like i have something highly inspirational to say (which will make me […]

ode to monday

this one is even better…


groundhog day

why does january always feel like one never ending tiresome monday? it’s dark, it’s cold – or when the temperature is bearable like today it’s of course snowing again – and you have something that could be described as a (moral) hangover after eating too much during the holidays. you go to bed convinced the […]

mondaying on a wednesday

seriously. what’s wrong with this day?!? … it’s hilarious, mr murphy with a twist. everything that can go wrong will, but in a way you could never expect. not gonna give you detailed explanations on what has happened so far, but when i just sent an e-mail to 25 receivers and ended with “monday greetings” […]

a picture is worth more than…

been trying to write stuff in swedish, finnish, english and french today. haven’t succeeded in any language. when i was about to use a dictionary to find the english word for avfärd* i declared myself over and done with the day. note that i had managed to write “départ” in the french version of the […]

kim, where’s the fairy bottle?

fairy as in dish washing liquid, not as in something else in case you were wondering… at IB (my work – gonna tell you some more about it at a later point) we have sometimes this slight problem with things disappearing. so far it’s only things that have gone missing, not people – even though […]