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Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

When you have nothing to write about, post a selfie. – Old blogging saying. Selfie is apparently the new in-word. I mean, even Obama does it. At funerals. I’m sticking to my own mirror at least. Hello from Ms Hibernating. I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. Have been extremely silent lately, my apologies. But you […]

Good morn… yeah, whatever.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a wake-up light that wakes me up these dark winter mornings. After being mentally abused by my dad’s old alarm clock for the first X years of my precious life, I spent years trying to figure out the best method to get out of bed in the mornings. My […]

only dull people are brilliant at breakfast *

i’m not a great big fan of eating breakfast, even though the situation isn’t as bad as it was when i was younger. these days i can actually enjoy breakfast at a hotel for example. and in an attempt to lead a new life, i’ve tried eating a yoghurt every morning the last few weeks. […]

carrot top

  bad hair day? no, not at all. this is pretty much what meets me in the mirror a few mornings a week. i call it the hugh-grant-do.             thank god for my flat iron.

early bird?

i use a wake up light to get up in the mornings. it turns itself on 30 min before i need to be awake, gradually getting lighter and when the time is right, birds start to sing a somewhat happy tune. the gradually getting lighter thingy is supposed to help people feel awake when they […]

once a night owl, always a night owl

after suffering from quite a nasty headache the whole day yesterday i gave up and went to bed at 10 p.m. that hasn’t happened since i had sinusitis and a high fever some three years ago… oh well, since it’s me we’re talking about i didn’t fall asleep until long after midnight, and i most […]

the need for speed

woke up with a headache. nuff said.


having an insomnia period again. too tired to write anything, but found this strip that describes my morning.

i don’t do mornings

a couple of months ago i broke up with my snooze button. i realised our so-called relationship wasn’t leading anywhere and i felt exhausted every morning after spending an hour in bed snoozing. i admit, there has been a few minor setbacks, but on the whole, this decision has made me so much happier. combined […]