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respect my authoritah!

That cousin I was referring to in my last post.. It turned out he’s actually my second cousin twice removed. Guess how old I felt on Saturday at the annual gathering of relatives from near and far… In the great hall of the main house of the estate, a large pedigree chart was the centre […]

all is well.

stayed up late, very late, last night fb-chatting with my nephew. when did he grow up to become such a fine young man? i can still remember the day he was born. that was the day i got my first pony. he was so cute with his dark mane and soft muzzle… later i got […]

changing tyres – how hard can it be? part II

i have a rule for people riding in my car: you are allowed to eat or drink but if you mess you clean the whole car. very simple and very good. no-one has ever made a mess in any of my cars. until autumn -08 when my nephew managed to throw coke everywhere. i could […]


i had a date with this young fellow yesterday. it turned into an all-nighter – hence feeling a bit tired here right now. good thing my diary for today is empty. well, except for wrapping presents and baking bread. and finding my car (oh, by the way, it’s snowing!) so that i can get out […]

famous last words

when your sister calls at 10 p.m. asking how her precious baby is doing you think it would suffice to say “everything’s fine”. but nooo.. you have to go and utter the words “he’s such a little angel, sleeping like a baby!” … the next hour or so i dedicated my life to changing diapers, […]

if you met my family you’d understand

okay, so i’m a bit quirky. everyone knows that. my siblings are a bit weird as well, no news there either. but when all the nieces and nephews started turning out a bit strange we started thinking it had something to do with the way we treated them. a standing joke has always been the […]

christina vs. chia

i was discussing names with my niece and she pointed out that her dad always calls me christina even though almost everyone else says chia. this got me thinking about the fact that some people, mostly from my mother’s side of the family, still call me christina. and now here comes the question of the […]

there’s a new boy in town

his name is alec, he has thick dark hair, a philosophical air around him and he simply stole my heart today. it’s funny how your heart seems to grow with every newborn baby that comes into your life. little alec is my 9th (!) nephew/niece and he’s not even a day old, yet i cannot […]

hypothetically speaking

if my nephew is old enough to be calling for directions to get to the beer festival and i’m content spending friday evening watching the telly with my mom – how old does that make me?


i have an announcement to make.  i have this small thing for esprit. okay, actually it’s more like a disease that is as easily hidden as a bad cough. you see, if an esprit box arrives at my work, the postman always assumes it’s for me. and once, when telling my assistant to stop bothering […]