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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As Christmas is closing in, and I’m playing some sort of mrs Santa at work on top of everything else that needs to be done before year’s end, I haven’t had time to update my blog (or any other blog for that matter either) – terrible sorry about that. We’re looking at an everything-but-white Christmas […]

london tower tube

keep calm and go to london

Off to London in a few hours. I travel quite a lot, considering I don’t have to for my 9-5 job. Last winter I concluded that the place I spend the most time in after my home and my workplace, is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Often I feel like George Clooney in that film where he’s collecting […]


This is what I did today with my niece/goddaughter who will turn five tomorrow. She started the day by whispering to me, at around 7.45 am, that I can continue sleeping if I like, for a while, but when I do feel like I want to wake up, she’ll be waiting in her room, so […]

a picture is worth…

my oldest niece is a very good artist, wouldn’t you say?  

if you met my family you’d understand

okay, so i’m a bit quirky. everyone knows that. my siblings are a bit weird as well, no news there either. but when all the nieces and nephews started turning out a bit strange we started thinking it had something to do with the way we treated them. a standing joke has always been the […]

christina vs. chia

i was discussing names with my niece and she pointed out that her dad always calls me christina even though almost everyone else says chia. this got me thinking about the fact that some people, mostly from my mother’s side of the family, still call me christina. and now here comes the question of the […]