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Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’….

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been doing the lower back and hip training programme I swore to do last month. Yes, I’ve done a few of the exercises, especially the silly walk with a rubber band around my feet, but that’s far from the whole programme. So, why am I being such […]

pain is inevitable – suffering optional

As suspected, no tooth fairy (or that evil kanudel that my oldest niece said) showed up. However, if it wasn’t for that tooth just lying there, I would perhaps not know I had been to the dentist’s yesterday.. It’s interesting, this little thing called pain. Physical pain. How is it possible that we experience pain […]

the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth

Earlier today I posed a question on Instagram: does the tooth fairy visit adults too? You see, I was wondering what to do with the wisdom tooth my dentist sent me home with. (Yes, I booked a time with the explanation “my karma is better, my teeth not so much”) I remember back in the […]

‘cuz i got high

okay. yesterday when i said i’m out of options what to do about my back pain, i wasn’t actually telling the whole truth. i did have one more idea up my sleeve. when attending a congress in versailles some years ago i suffered from a herniated disc. it was as painful as it gets, me […]

groundhog day

why does january always feel like one never ending tiresome monday? it’s dark, it’s cold – or when the temperature is bearable like today it’s of course snowing again – and you have something that could be described as a (moral) hangover after eating too much during the holidays. you go to bed convinced the […]

degenerative disc disease

ibuprofen 600 mg and my wonderful spike mat got me sleeping alright and in a better mood today. i do think it was the pain yesterday that got the rage started, and combined with the news that air traffic in northern europe might be out on and off for months to come it just became […]