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If You Met My Family, You’d Understand*

A part of the tag line I use here at Management by Chia is “if you met my family, you’d understand”. Some of you have met my family (or parts of it), and especially after the ‘Yatta! Yatta! – Hooked on a feeling’-party anno dazumal, you understand. For the rest of you, here’s a picture […]

Confessions of a Party Planner

What seems like a lifetime ago, a woman I didn’t even know said to me that she feels my mission in this life is to make others enjoy themselves and feel good. She said life is too short to be taken seriously, and that I will find happiness through creating fun for others. The weirdest […]

Happiness is… (or Walking down Memory Lane part deux)

Had my second walk down memory lane yesterday and found some unexpected truths along the way. For instance, there is a huge difference between “some things never change, yet nothing’s the same” and “everything changes, yet everyone’s the same”. Did I enjoy myself? Sure I did. It was.. nice. Did I think it was a […]

once you realise we’re all mad, life starts to make sense

“no matter how serious life gets, you still need to have that one person you can be completely stupid with” a few months ago, i stated here on the blog that this might very well be the summer when i finally lose it. having my closest friends scattered all across europe, and my usual partner-in-crime […]

service minded sloths

malta was lovely. beautiful venues, delicious food and great parties with even greater friends from all over europe. loved it! two things i didn’t like though: the weather (come on… i tried to get away from the cold and what do i get? a cold from being too cold in malta. beat that!) and the […]

the blue man

last friday i stated that weird things happen when i go to stockholm. with these pictures, taken late saturday night on the promenade deck on m/s silja symphony, i rest my case. photos by sandra. thank you!


stockholm. now there’s a place with some messed up memories. i have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with that city, weird stuff always seem to happen there. or on the way there. i used to think it was on the way there, so i begun always chosing the air instead of the sea, but lately […]

meet the faqirs

chia(alcohol+enthusiasm)= CA+2CAE+CE= SHIT apparently my mere presence make certain people* feel like shit the day after the evening before… the only thing i did this time was show up in känniniemi with a friend, a bottle of port and a game of faqir… don’t really get how that could go wrong. “the rotation defines which […]

the satanist and the foghorn eurotrashing in segovia

Dear diary, This weekend I went to Spain. I watched a sheep get shaved, ate half a piglet and one of the glass birds I had brought as gifts ended up shitting itself. I got accused of being a satanist, went to a ball with general Franco’s daughter and got a ride with an 80-year-old […]

wild wild west

threw a party the other week. received about 500 pics from the photographer (tack freda!), i think the last one says more than enough..  

redheads have more fun

supposed to dress like “my favourite american” this coming saturday. been thinking about this for quite a while now and had already decided to actually follow instruction instead of as always start thinking of which redhead fits the bill this time. i had decided to become grace kelly. even got the wig and all. big […]

a friend named uno

since i was to become a godmother quite early on sunday i stuck to non-alcoholic beverages after the dinner at the wedding. my friends however were enjoying their champagne at the same speed i was pouring water down my throat, which led up to a very interesting bus ride home… at one point i saw […]