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autumn cleaning

i am putting myself on a shopping ban. effective immediately. i am not to shop any more clothes (especially not expensive dresses, i do have enough of those for a while now), shoes (see reason above), jewellery (i can always borrow from my mum if i for some reason think i don’t have suitable diamonds […]

in the summertime…

you know.. every time i return back home from the continent i ask myself one question; why? why oh why do i keep returning? i mean… take last friday. i was happily shopping in a sunny brussels. it was about 15 degrees warm and my only trouble in the world was if i should get […]

easter came early

going to work earlier today i felt a bit like a walking piece of easter candy. light blue jeans, lime green blouse, purple scarf and of course my yellow nails… thinking so much of easter i wasn’t even surprised when i discovered the postman playing some sort of egg hunt with me. he was sitting […]

bring it on, february!

had one of those “i don’t have anything to wear”-mornings. don’t know if it was because of the excitement of monday month finally being over or what, but i simply couldn’t find anything suitable in my closet. of course my thoughts turned to time to go shopping, but since it was followed by the notion […]

be careful what you wish for… II

what the h… happened with this day? it started out so good with the sunshine and everything. i worked around the fact that i’m stuck in a basement by suddenly remembering i have to go to the bank. and while i was out in the sun i took a longer walk back. on the way […]


i went out to get a pair of pantyhose or two for the coming weekend. i came home with a piece for my nomination bracelet and a new handbag. i need help. seriously.

yellow sandals

since i always keep my promises, especially the ones i make myself, i just ordered a pair of cute summer sandals. i had promised to buy them as soon as i got my windows cleaned… the bad thing about cleaning your windows is that you suddenly see everything else that needs to be touched by […]


i have an announcement to make.  i have this small thing for esprit. okay, actually it’s more like a disease that is as easily hidden as a bad cough. you see, if an esprit box arrives at my work, the postman always assumes it’s for me. and once, when telling my assistant to stop bothering […]