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Enter hibernation mode

When you can’t even think about going outside without looking like this, then it’s time to hibernate. Too bad my work doesn’t really support full-time hibernation; I have to make an appearance at least a few times a week. Fortunately, I live only a five minute walk away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t decrease the amount of […]

50 Shades of Grey

Helsinki has hit a new record in greyness. The layer of clouds is so thick it’s unbelievable hard to imagine there’s a sun anywhere up there. But at least we still lack snow, so I’m not complaining. I mean… it could be like it’s been these last years (for instance like this which ended like […]

monday morning

i am so utterly depressed right now. you figure out why.

saturday blues

of course the shitty day of yesterday culminated in a severe case of insomnia. no matter how i tried i could not fall asleep. and after finally falling asleep at some point after 4.45 a.m. i of course woke up at 7.15… great. i have a feeling this will be a long day. but anyway. […]

holy snow!

i kinda feel that i’m starting to get enough of winter. don’t really know why, it’s just a feeling i’ve got… had to get some papers from gerby today. since the road there is completely snowed in i had to go another way, leave the car and walk the last 800 metres. at one point […]

famous last words II

i will probably regret this in a week or two, but bring on the god damned winter – i’m ready! i don’t know how many birds had to die to fill this coat, but i will send them a thankful thought whenever i’m forced to use it. promise.


yesterday evening when walking home i was happy to be a bit tipsy (thank you ylva!), otherwise i would have been pretty upset. the trams weren’t working due to a minor problem – the electrical cords had snapped so traffic was at a standstill in the city center the whole evening – i had no […]

pink cookies and happy pills

drinking my morning coffee from an old winnie the pooh mug and eating a very pink cookie that found its way to my place last night. seriously, who buys pink cookies? it tastes… pink! but anything goes when you’re trying to overdose on allergy pills, pain killers for an aching back and caffeine in the […]


bad mood doesn’t even begin to describe this.  i’m pissed off at the weather (snow is promised for the weekend – oh isn’t that lovely!!), the weekly strikes in this joke they call finland and the icelandic ash that might bugger europe for months to come… what if it will be impossible to leave this […]