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Will You Come Hunting for Dracula with Me?

First. As I travel a lot, people keep asking me what my plans for summer are. Well. Let’s put it like this… WHY on earth would I travel anywhere the only time of year when it’s actually decent weather in Finland? I’ve already once emptied my accounts when paying for the renovations of my house, […]

How to Build a Terrace in Two Days

Those of you who are used to seeing me in pretty dresses (be that long or short), shiny hair and classy jewellery would probably not recognise me right now. I am as dirty as I could possibly be, dressed in paint stained shabby shorts and bikini top, and certainly not smelling like I do when […]


And so it arrived. The day when you forgive and forget. You forgive your country for being dark and gloomy, cold and snowy. You forget you ever needed to wear several layers of clothes, you forget your eyelashes getting white with rime and you forget you didn’t know day from night because it was dark […]

Confessions of a Party Planner

What seems like a lifetime ago, a woman I didn’t even know said to me that she feels my mission in this life is to make others enjoy themselves and feel good. She said life is too short to be taken seriously, and that I will find happiness through creating fun for others. The weirdest […]

2013 – all but the same procedure as every year…

Eat, sleep, and be merry. That was my plan for the Christmas week gone by. And that was pretty much how it went down. I slept more than ten hours per night the first two nights – surviving on less than six hours per night every single night during the four weeks leading up to […]

the gerby trench

one thing that’s for sure this summer, is that you never know what you’ll find when arriving at gerby. today i found a hole. a humongous hole to be exact. a small country army could train in it. my thoughts right now are 1, water, fire, earth… what’s left that need to happen before all […]

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date

spent most of my day yesterday reading in the sun. it was nice and cosy, even though the sun wasn’t as high in the sky as it used to be, nor as sizzling. the huge butterfly that always keeps me company was still there, but the annoying horse-flies were not. the wind was still warm, […]

lily of the valley

White bud! that in meek beauty dost lean   Thy cloistered cheek as pale as moonlight snow, Thou seem’st, beneath thy huge, high leaf of green,   An Eremite beneath his mountain’s brow.         George Croly

me and my bright ideas

In the beginning of the month I decided I wanted to keep summer for as long as possible. I thought I’d welcome autumn better if I first got tired  of summer and so I declared at work I wouldn’t wear jeans or other long legged trousers until September. During these last weeks I’ve gotten many […]

good morning

indian summer. seriously, is there a more beautiful word? just when you thought you had to start struggling to survive the day (= wear socks and stuff,) the sun does a comeback and you can once more wear your favourite summer dresses. i love it. please stay.

what starts with a bang must go out with a bang

talking about my holidays here now, whatever you might think i’m referring to. i started them with a big shabang for about 50 people a month ago and ended them on saturday with a kräftis (crayfish party) hosting a dozen more or less adorably crazy people . got a text from a friend late last […]

blixtar och dunder, magiska under…

Happiness in its most simple form. Thunder and pouring rain and I finally did it. I ran out with washing liquid and pored it over my car and started brushing… Now I’m soaking wet and the neighbour that happened to come by (a relative I haven’t seen in 15 years) must think I’m a complete […]