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The sun is out in Helsinki

True story. Advertisements

i wish you enough

today i woke up with a smile. i could feel this would be a great day, and even though i did snooze for a while, i followed the advice i got yesterday – i used the time to some seriously positive thinking, visualising exactly how i want to solve everything. once i got myself out […]

be careful what you wish for… II

what the h… happened with this day? it started out so good with the sunshine and everything. i worked around the fact that i’m stuck in a basement by suddenly remembering i have to go to the bank. and while i was out in the sun i took a longer walk back. on the way […]

be careful what you wish for

when making that request for sunshine yesterday i kinda forgot something. i work in the basement. fail.

tuned out tuesday

told you it would be a meaningless day. or does anyone have anything else to say? don’t get me wrong here, i’m not complaining, i did get a lot (and i mean a lot) done at work today, but other than that… naah. nothing special. one thing though. the snow. i’ve really had it with […]


meet rölli, the most annoying character in finnish tv during the 80’s. today i woke up looking like him. or well, i lack the moustache, but otherwise. my hair hasn’t seen a piece of scissors for at least four months (i remember when i used to go to the hairdressers every six week or so..), […]

pink cookies and happy pills

drinking my morning coffee from an old winnie the pooh mug and eating a very pink cookie that found its way to my place last night. seriously, who buys pink cookies? it tastes… pink! but anything goes when you’re trying to overdose on allergy pills, pain killers for an aching back and caffeine in the […]