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And so it arrived. The day when you forgive and forget. You forgive your country for being dark and gloomy, cold and snowy. You forget you ever needed to wear several layers of clothes, you forget your eyelashes getting white with rime and you forget you didn’t know day from night because it was dark […]

Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying “Let’s Party!”*

Spring equinox. Vårdagjämning in my language. I can’t think of a more beautiful word in Swedish to be honest. I feel as happy as this tulip. Hopefully my happiness will last longer though, the tulip fell apart the day after I took the pic… Since pretty much forever, the spring equinox has been observed as […]

Last Day of Hibernation

Tonight I’m going to cuddle up in all the blankets I can find. I’m going to burn out all half-burned candles from the winter gone by, watch a silly film, and continue reading Shantaram (which I have made some serious progress with this winter – I might be able to finish it. At some point. […]


24 Days ’til the End (of Hibernation)

…and the feeling when you get out of bed and realise you’ve slept with your window open the whole night. In Finland. In February. Oh well, there’s a first for everything I guess. And yes. I do remember. Some of you [weirdos] sleep with them open all year round. Right here in Finland. But I […]

On Getting Labelled

Okay, here’s the deal. I really dislike February. And right from the start this year, February delivered. Snow, snow, snow… I wish I was the sporty type. I’d probably have a blast this month – skiing, skating, whatever. But I’m not. After so many years trying, and getting angry when failing, I’ve come to terms […]

To Wear Trousers or Not to Wear Trousers

Once you start this whole taking-selfies-business, you seem to get hooked… But hey, I have neither cute kids nor grumpy cats to practice my photographer skills on, so cut me some slack here. And I did make it blurry so you’d only get the picture [pun intended] of what I’m talking about. The reasons for […]

Enter hibernation mode

When you can’t even think about going outside without looking like this, then it’s time to hibernate. Too bad my work doesn’t really support full-time hibernation; I have to make an appearance at least a few times a week. Fortunately, I live only a five minute walk away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t decrease the amount of […]

Good morn… yeah, whatever.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a wake-up light that wakes me up these dark winter mornings. After being mentally abused by my dad’s old alarm clock for the first X years of my precious life, I spent years trying to figure out the best method to get out of bed in the mornings. My […]

50 Shades of Grey

Helsinki has hit a new record in greyness. The layer of clouds is so thick it’s unbelievable hard to imagine there’s a sun anywhere up there. But at least we still lack snow, so I’m not complaining. I mean… it could be like it’s been these last years (for instance like this which ended like […]

monday morning

i am so utterly depressed right now. you figure out why.

nichts neues

another january weekend gone by.. not going to discuss the presidential elections, just going to show you what i’ve been up to the last few days. a new week and new adventures await tomorrow.

2400 pages

winter finally arrived in helsinki and it’s hence time for this girl to go into hibernation. see you in march or something…