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I’ve had a severe case of wanderlust these last few days. I’ve been dreaming about people I know abroad and miss, about places I’ve never been to and about places I long to visit again. I’ve woken up sad, laughing, angry, happy… and tired. Most of all, I’ve woken up tired this whole damned week. […]

How did it get so late so soon?

I had great plans for going early to bed tonight. Trying to behave like a grown-up instead of an eleven year old that needs to go back to school soon. All that “I need to go to work on Tuesday, and so if I sleep all Monday, I won’t sleep the night before Tuesday”… That […]

Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.

I have something fairly exciting to tell you. A while ago I started talking about how it’s time for me to make some changes in my life. I think it was an explosion just waiting to happen really. And to match the outside with the feeling on the inside, the first for others visible change […]


I did it. I changed the title line on my LinkedIn profile. Now I need to update the summary, which is still focusing on my current job, but changing the title line was enough excitement for one day. (And no, this does not mean I’ve given notice, only that I’ve taken some more steps in […]

stop shilly-shallying

this morning i had a great idea for a blog post. however, had to get to work, and attend a meeting, so didn’t even have time to scribble down what my idea was all about. now hoping just writing something will somehow make that idea pop back. it can go either way, really.. only having […]

the dawning of a new age

what an enormous response my last post got, thank you to all my new followers. of course, i have now been panicking the last 24 hours or so, how can i possibly write something profound, or funny, enough to keep all my (new) readers? not to mention if i want to reach out to even […]

the chia diaries

some people ask me why i blog, why anyone blogs for that matter, and i become a bit embarrassed, not knowing what to answer. others say i should write more; do it for a living, and i become a bit embarrassed, mumbling something about how i’d love to, but… there’s always been that little but. […]