love thy neighbour?

back in the days me and dha (old) gang used to have these really strange parties.  after parties to be exact. 9 out of 10 times we had them at F’s place. mostly because he owned his apartment and we gathered it would be harder for his neighbours to kick him out. oh how we laughed at the angry post it notes that were to be found on the door the next morning and oh how we laughed the time the neighbour came jumping over from his balcony to ours…

today i’m not laughing anymore. i find my thoughts wandering 10 years back to that neighbour, in my mind apologizing to him. you see, both the neighbour with the snooze button and i as well as a couple of other people in this building are being tormented by someone in the building next to ours. they are playing music really loud, all hours of the day. the other evening it stopped around 2.30 a.m. last night it stopped already at midnight, only to begin again at 5 p.m…. ggggghhh!!!!

the real problem is that you cannot get into that house without a key. so we can’t go there and yell at the idiots with their new subwoofer. the only thing we can do is to give the caretaker of our house a ring so that she during office hours can call the company that takes care of the other house so that they can put up a note telling people to be a bit more quiet..

once again i get reminded how lucky we in this building are to have janitors living in-house.

i love my apartment. it may be small (finnish standards really) but it’s cozy and it’s my home. but right now, my life being as it is, i have a VERY low tolerance level and i really do not know how much more of this torture i can take.


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