according to an ad suggested by the mighty facebook to yours truly, these are a must-have this autumn. apparently they are the new black. or something.

please, someone put me out of my misery if you see me wearing anything even remotely similar. i beg of you.

Edit: This is not a “please get me a pair for Christmas” shout out to my nephew.



  1. Howard Wollowitz designs????

    1. wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

  2. Ahahahahaha!!! Do you btw still have those golden ailienpants of yours left in your closet? This blogpost made me think of them. Please say hi from me next time you see them…

    1. hahahahah, i think they have boldly gone where no golden pants have gone before.. or not. they might still be in a box up in the attic, who knows.. 😀

  3. Chia… Dont do it girl… Fashion is simply not worth it…. You are above this dismal world of borrowed style… Fx

    1. hahaha, don’t worry 🙂
      i prefer making a statement using jewellery instead of ridiculous leggings:

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